To our shareholders, employees, and customers:

The start to 2020 have yielded some amazing results thanks to the cumulative effect in the last year of improving the customer experience by reducing our cost structure so we can afford to offer customers ever-lower legal fees, increasing talent selection, improving the quality of our delivery, and many others.  We know we can still be much better, and we’re dedicated to improving even more.

During Q1, our singular focus of improving the customer experience worked:

Last quarter was a special one.  After months of work, we quietly introduced Elixir to our customers.

Briefly, Elixir is our all-in-one workforce software that sits on top of our services business to amplify and augment your work.  It proactively monitors your work flow, creates performance reports, organizes spend by category, ensures quality control, and leverages information extraction algorithms to quickly find you the desired talent.

It comes at a time when businesses are realizing instead of a sprawling, capital-intensive, real-world footprint, all the work can be done virtually and they’re actually more productive.

While I value tools like Slack, Google Sheets, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Airtable—I’m convinced it helps me work better—I don’t want to manage 100’s of distributed workers through countless open windows and Zapier triggers.

Posting a job on Linkedin, sorting resumes in email, sending an offer letter on HelloSign, viewing time logs on a spreadsheet, accessing contracts in Dropbox, remembering to pay them through Justworks etc… the costs pile on and the context switching kills my productivity.

Elixir is purpose-built for Remote Elastic Workforces, or REW, one of Lawtrades’ first offerings.  We hope Elixir may gradually and incrementally move us over years into a world towards wider remote productivity, providing a counterbalance to the recent proliferation of duct-taping tools together.